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Hendley Perfumes
Hendley Perfumes
Hendley Perfumes

Hendley Perfumes

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Hendley Perfumes is an independent artisan perfumery offering evocative creations of an uncompromising quality. Each batch of perfume is meticulously formulated, blended and bottled by Hans Hendley.


Evergreen fueled. Forest floor. Through smoke.

Wafts of burnt coniferous woods contrasted with fertile soil & sap-smeared leather.

Conifer resins, smoked tea, galbanum, ruh khus, nagarmotha, oakmoss.


Mown -

Languid Breeze. Season's Swathe. Harvest Moon. 

Late summer's memory of cut grasses, ripened blooms, sun-warmed leaves, cured roots and plush moss.

Chamomile, hay absolute, champaca, dried fruits, tobacco, orris butter, moss, ambrette.


Rosenthal -

Flower Child. Color of Love. Clinging to a Scheme.

Rebellion within a traditional theme. Rose and sandalwood thrown askew by patchouli and incense.

Incense, rose, iris, juniper, sandalwood, patchouli, angelica root.


Blonde -

Panoramic Nostalgia. Disappearing Horizon. Velveteen Drift.

Narcotic flowers & musky fruits reveal supple leather with smooth woods, altogether like clouds floating into an impressionistic haze.

Cantaloupe, jasmine, osmanthus absolute, suede, iris root, sandalwood, musk complex, ambergris.


Untitled -

Intentional Fallacy. Counterfactual Definiteness. If a Tree Falls.

What is the difference between what something is, and how it appears?

Vetiver, iris, sandalwood, musk.


Amora -

Expectation Subverted. Confection Crystalline. A Sweet Release. 

Conjured fruit preserves, wrapped & twisted around balms and cosmetic artifice.

Stone fruit, mixed berries, rose absolute, blonde tobacco, sweet resins, musk complex, ambergris.





Hendley Perfumes