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About Face

About Face - an exhibition of vessels of all kinds with a face.   The show brings together a group of 32 artists and designs working in a diverse range of practices.  "Head pots" appear in almost every culture in different forms - and the vessels created for this for are inspired by this global history of facial adoration, resulting in a disparate choral in startling harmony. 

Featuring works by: Joseph Algieri, BDB NY, Kaye Blegvad, Camilla Bliss, Bower, Chiaozza, Clam Lab, Confetti System, Dusen Dusen, Tanda Francis, Jessica Hans, High Gloss, Cody Hoyt, Doug Johnston, Pat Kim, Katie Kimmel, Janie Korn, Helen Levi, Malfatti Glass, Mondays, Emily Mullin, Object and Totem, Morgan Peck, Recreation Center, Betty Roytburd, Alex Schmidt, Erin Smith, Silvia Song, Lorien Stern, Joe Sturm, Suzanne Sullivan and Natalie Weinberger.