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KIM KIM is a two person exhibition of Kim Mullis (Wilderness Bodies) and Pat Kim.  These two practices have been in conversation for some time - though not explicitly.  We are excited to bring that dialogue into sharper focus though this show.  Process and craft lie at the center of both practices, with an aesthetic bent towards shapes, cleanliness, and balance. 

Because of the focus on process, there is also a shared focus on the by-products of creation. “Waste” flows back into the contents and center of future works. This is both true literally (off cut bits become working materials) and conceptually - detritus becomes design. One person's trash is that same person's treasure.

Both artists were invited to consider Dead Horse Bay as a starting place.  Located on a spit of land between Brooklyn and the Rockaways, this marshy beach was surrounded by a horse rendering plant in the 1850s, then served as a 19th century landfill, and is now a beach covered in glass from thousands of broken bottles.  It is a landscape saturated in its material history - a place where trash and treasure collide.  From this vantage we present two bodies of work in celebration of craft, process, flotsam and jetsam.